Frequently Asked Questions


What do I need to use InvoiceFox?

Any of the following operating systems: Windows, Mac OS, Linux; using any modern browser (Mozilla FireFox, Safari, Opera, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer).

Do you offer support?

Yes. If you encounter any sort of problem, contact us. We will be happy to reply.


Are there any costs to using the Basic version?

No. You can use the software completely free and without any obligations.

Can you guarantee that the Basic version will remain free in the future?



Do I have to pay anything to register the Plus version?

Not when you register. You can use the software for free for 30 days. If you delete your account before the 30-day period expires, we will not send you an invoice.

How do I convert the Basic version into the Plus version, and will my data be transferred?

You use "Upgrade to Plus" link at the tope once you are logined. Yes, all your data will be transferred.


Are you using a secure SSL connection?

Yes, we use SSL with a 2048-bit digital certificate.

What is a secure SSL connection?

A secure SSL connection ensures the encryption of all data transferred between your computer and our server. It is used by bank websites and similar web services that require a high level of data security.

Is your website secure from intrusions?

Yes. The server is protected by many levels of security. First, there is a very restrictive firewall. Behind it, there are two systems that detect possible intrusions and continuously check the server’s integrity. There are NO OTHER services running on our server, and everything else is carried out on external servers (e.g. sending the e-mail when you register), as each additional service is a potential additional point of attack. We will contact prosecuting authorities on every detected intrusion attempt.

How do you prevent the possibility of data loss, e.g. in a hardware malfunction?

A back-up copy of all data is made every day to a server at a completely different location. The security of backed-up data is guaranteed, as the data is encrypted with a key accessible only from the main server. To further protect against any data loss, we keep back-ups for the past 10 days.


On 12/24/2012 you changed the plans. What happens to the existing users

Yes, Existing Basic users keep the same 100 invoices per month limitation (not the new 20). Existing Plus users will get automatically upgraded to Pro verson, while their price remains as it was for Plus version before.

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